Top 10 Website Benefits

Top 10 Website Benefits

Search engine optimization is the process of optimising your website to maximise organic and earned traffic from search engines, such as Google. SEO helps business owners create websites that rank higher in search engines without any ads, which in turn helps bring more customers to their sites and eventually increases conversion rates.

1. Increased Traffic

Businesses that have a SEO optimised website bring more customers and grow faster than businesses who are not using SEO. Let's face it, no customer will find you if you are on the 6th page of Google, so it is crucial to be on the first pages of Google, the higher you are on Google search, the more customers will come to you.

2. Better Conversion Rates

SEO traffic is more likely to convert than other sources of traffic because it has the best conversion rates. By positioning yourself on search engines, you are positioning your business to win more conversions.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Another benefit of SEO is that it is far less expensive than advertising to acquire customers. The only costs in SEO are the costs to hire the best SEO company to rank you higher on Google . Unless you have experience in website coding and Google algorithms, you will need an SEO firm or agency to grow your rankings.

4. SEO provides 24/7 promotion

You can increase your website traffic all day, every day. Once you rank high in search engines, they will promote your business while you are sleeping. Once you ranked organically on Google , you will get customers no matter the hour or day , it will be non stop.

5. Build Brand Awareness

When your sites appear on the first page of major search engines such as Google, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand. The more your pages and content rank in high positions in the search engines, the more chances you have for users to see your content and associate with your brand.

6. SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC

Organic SEO listings receive 90% of clicks so it's more effective long term , however, it takes longer for a website to rank higher on organic search results compared with PPC tha is instantaneous. Customers click on organic results and sometimes ignore the paid results (PPC) altogether.

7. ROI

SEO can push your marketing goals to better ROI comparing to other forms of marketing. Your website can be a prospect magnet, based on your high-quality keyword and be where your customers are. If you are in the sight of the visitor, you’ll be able to direct them to your website and offer solutions to their questions/problems.

8. SEO pulls-in quality traffic

Traffic on search engines is the best traffic. Because people are actually searching for the problem you solve. You can “pull” traffic to your business. Customers are already interested in your products and services. It's easier to get customers that are already looking for your service or product.

9. SEO Is a Long-Term Strategy

It takes approximately 6 months to see optimal website rankings for a new site, and it can go up to 12 months. If you follow a natural path to grow a business online and follow Google’s quality guidelines to increase your website rankings, you have a high advantage. Because once you get a place in the top positions of Google you rarely change it.

10. SEO can eliminate cold-calling and other traditional strategies

Tired of passing out flyers? Tired of advertising in magazines and not seeing results? Tired of cold calling people and bothering people who will never want to buy from you? If your answer is yes, invest in SEO.

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